Investment service center and duties

Investment service center and duties

Qazvin province Investment Service Center

Qazvin province Investment Service Center was run in 2009 aiming the facilitation and acceleration of investment affairs and focusing on investors’ contribution and participation. The Center is intended to provide an efficient organization for streamlining and expediting the affairs related to foreign investment undertakings in Iran. For this purpose, fully authorized liaison representatives from relevant executive agencies including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the State Organization for Tax Affairs, the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Central Bank, the General Directorate for Registration of Companies and Intellectual Property, and the Organization for Protection of the Environment have been stationed at the Center. These representatives will assist foreign investors by ensuring efficient execution of the processing and services entrusted to their relevant agencies in connection with foreign investment projects.


Key services offered by the Center include:

  1. a- Before getting the permit relating to foreign investment
    • Dissemination of information and provision of necessary guidance to foreign investors concerning investment in Iran.
    • Necessary coordination concerning the issues related to foreign investment including issuance of the declaration of establishment , the environment protection license, the permits for subscriptions relation to water, electricity, fuel and telephone, the license foe exploration and exploitation of mines, etc. from the relevant authorities, prior to the issuance of the investment license.
    • Necessary coordination for the securing of entry visa, residence and employment permits for foreign nationals involved in foreign investment projects.
    • Necessary coordination concerning issues related to foreign investments subsequent to the issuance of the investment license including registration of joint venture company, registration of order for importation of machinery and equipment, and issues related to importation and repatriation of capital, customs and tax affairs ,etc..
  2. b- After getting the permit relating to foreign investment
    • Coordination among various official agencies in connection with requests and applications made by projects involving foreign investment.
    • General supervision concerning the fulfillment of decisions surrounding foreign investment projects.
    • Coordination among all executive entities relating to foreign investment
  3. c- Executive affairs
    • recognition and collection of provincial investment opportunities according to the samples prepared by the investment organization
    • preparing a booklet in which all investment procedures and information concerning foreign investment have been explained.
    • Holding educational workshops to make a situation in which economic activists, investment experts would be familiar with investment affairs concerning international finance
    • ntroducing the province’ capabilities by using advertisement instrument
    • promotion and protection of investment attitudes and thoughts to pave the way for improving the investment culture and atmosphere among different societies and improving the investment situation

The performance of the Center since its establishment proves that the establishment of the Center is an effective step toward expediting the affairs of foreign investment undertakings. It is expected that further development of relations between the Center and foreign investors will increasingly enhance the efficiency of the Center in carrying out its assigned duties and responsibilities.The Centers with the same tasks mentioned above established in the center of all provinces.


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