Other Facilities and Exemption

102-Which facilities are offered by OIETAI for entry visa of foreign investors and experts?

OIETAI facilitates visa formalities of foreign investors, including short and long term as well as single and multi entry visas (i.e., 3 year multi entry visa with a 3 months residence permit that is renewable for 1 year), by introducing foreign investors, directors, foreign experts and their immediate family members to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign investors or joint venture companies can apply for visa by sending the relevant specification form of applicants along with the reasons for their presence to OIETAI. It is worth mentioning that OIETAI is not the only reference for foreign investors to obtain visa, but all foreigners, according to the prevailing regulations, can refer to the Missions of the Islamic republic of Iran abroad, and apply for visa.

103-Are there any facilities available for the issuance of residence and work permits?

If necessary, OIETAI will provide certain facilities and assistance to foreign investors in this regard.

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